Education Consultant for Study in Germany

Abroad College helps aspiring students to fulfill their dream of abroad education in Germany. Abroad College provides proper counseling to students, details of various higher education programs provided in English language by universities in Germany. As an international education consultant, Abroad College is your counselor and friend. Abroad College helps you choosing right higher education program and appropriate university in education destination Germany.

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Higher Education Programs in Germany

Foundation Year

Study Foundation Year with a guaranteed place in a German University. Secure place in a university upon successful competition of your foundation year.

Bachelor’s Degree

Choose from 138 International Programs at Bachelors Level. Various Bachelor's Degree programs are offered in different German universities with minimal tuition fee or no tuition fee.

Master’s Program

Universities in Germany offer over 7500 Masters level education programs. Above 500 Masters level program in Germany are taught in English.

PHD / Research Programs

Universities in Germany offer over 300 PHD and Research Programs in English, German and other European languages. Different PHD Degree Programs have different requirements and schedule.